How oxygenated purified water houston

Our Story.

Houston resident and entrepreneur, Bob Peebler, became interested in ways to be a positive force for both the health of people and our planet.  Nearly ten years ago his first foray into this endeavor was his early investment and operational involvement in Houston based Ruggles Green (now bellagreen) which was based on healthy farm to table, gluten-free and running the restaurants in an environmentally friendly way.  After the restaurants were sold, Bob became passionate to help create better water that was not only good for people’s health but also for the health of our planet. That passion led him to invest in a multi-year water technology project. This endeavor has resulted with the worlds purest bottled water that has the added potential health benefits high levels of oxygen, ionization to raise the alkaline level to 8+, plus just the right minerals added for taste.  And the “icing on the cake”, this technology has won the best tasting water contest in 2019 and 2021.