The Benefits of Oxygenated Water

There is nothing quite like a breath of fresh air. Oxygen, after all, is the lifeblood of the cells. Increasing the oxygen in your bloodstream is easy and delicious with HOW (Hyperpure Oxygenated Water).

Our hyperpure technology strips impurities and replaces them with nanobubbles of 98% pure oxygen. Besides HOW’s silky smooth taste and commitment to infinitely recyclable aluminum bottles, here are more benefits of oxygenated water.

Lactate Clearance
During moderate to high intensity exercise the body produces lactate as a byproduct of energy production. When lactate increases so does muscle acidity, which can cause muscle fatigue. Clearing lactate and muscle acidity is important for sustained exercise.

In one study, 25 professional runners found that lactate clearance was higher in those who drank oxygenated water.

Whether you’re tackling a marathon, or just going to the gym, HOW can benefit athletes at all levels.

Hydration Needs
Including HOW in your daily fluid intake can help you need your regular hydration needs. Adequate hydration is vital to various processes such as, temperature regulation, blood pressure maintenance, and proper brain function.

HOW and You
Drinking HOW means avoiding the microplastics of traditional bottled water, faster recovery after exercise, and supporting sustainability.

So drink up! Your body will thank you.